Brazilian GMO free areas experiment and the release of RR soybeans


This article aims to examine how the release the commercialization of the Roundup Ready soybeans in Brazil has been done and the resistance of the organized society to this fact. In 2000 the Brazilian Federal Government stands for the production of RR Soybean and, in January 2002, decides to accelerate the commercial release of GMOs. Laws published in 2003 and 2004 allowed commercialization of RR Soybean, disregarding the precaution principle adopted by the Brazilian Federal Constitution. In conclusion it will be verified that, although organized society and various states of the Federation tried to establish a prohibition on the use of GMO or  create some GMOs free area, the pressure from farmers and industry and the lack of effective supervision of the Federal Government, has made the RR soybean been released and spread in all country.

Referência: MYSZCZUK, Ana Paula ; GLITZ, Frederico Eduardo Zenedin . BRAZILIAN GMO FREE AREAS EXPERIMENT AND THE RELEASE OF RR SOYBEAN. Education and Science without Borders journal, v. 1, p. 59-64, 2010.